ENRA Anti-theft Insurance

We can insure your bike!

The only thing you need is a good ART2 or ART3 lock.


By adding this product to your basket we will activate the ENRA insurance according to the price of your bike with added accessories.


After we send ENRA your contact and bike information.

You will receive a follow up email from ENRA with documentation and the invoice.

All insurance payments will be done through ENRA.

ENRA is our favorite bike insurance.

0,00 incl. VAT
  • FREE local pick up and assembly at our shop in Brussels.
  • Bikes will not be fully assembled when shipped to you
  • For the best possible service we recommend local pick up to have your bike fully assembled and ready-to-ride for FREE


The most important conditions in a nutshell:

Your bike must always be attached with the added ART2 lock. Even inside the house your bike must be locked with your ART2 lock.

If you lose a key you have to contact us for a new key, we will contact ENRA to let them know you received a new key and order a copy with the correct keycode.

The day your bike gets stolen you have to pass by in our shop with 2 original keys together with a official police statement. This can also be send directly to ENRA.

As soon as we receive the keys and statement we can give or send you a brand new bike.

With the Omnium there is also a recovery service by Touring Assistance, this is free of charge.

Vandalism and damage to your bike from all sort of accidents is also covered with the Omnium insurance.

For E-bikes battery theft there is a franchise/depreciation.

You can read there term and conditions here:

Please note that other conditions apply for Race and Mountainbikes.

Communication is only in Dutch for the moment. If you are having problems with something, please contact us, we can help you or translate if nessesary.

By adding this product you accept the general terms and conditions from ENRA.



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